Personnel Duty Evaluation - Success 9 Trip Commander

 Essay about Staff Work Analysis -- Achievement on the lookout for Flight Leader

Staff Duty Evaluation

Achievement 9 Flight Commander

1 . Summary of Requirements

CAPR 20-1E page 46 Description of Flight Commander

CAPP 52-15 page 44 Cadet Staff handbook explanation of airline flight commander

Suspenses Required of Position [Position]

Insure that Flight has been properly led and is acquiring training. Fils uniforms happen to be in order and this all military men know what another meetings consistent is. Anything else that recent Commander or perhaps immediate superior requests.

Efficiency Requirements in this SDA

See CAPR 52-15 beneath Key Responsibilities for a finish description.

Teach Cadets, Motivate and Discipline the air travel, Mentor the flight sergeant and element leaders, Create goals for the flight, Instructor and advice cadets and Drill and ceremonies.

Component B Narrative

1 . ) What are the essential duties of Flight Commanders?

Flight Commanders ensure that the eighth to fifteen cadets under them and receiving the correct guidance in order to further themselves in the COVER program. Support the sequence of order by communicating information and wisdom for the flight. Make sure that each inexperimente is wearing their particular uniform properly knows drill and is encouraged.

2 . How does the Flight Leader help the squadron fulfill the mission?

Flight Commanders help the squadron fulfill its quest by teaching and setting up future market leaders of HAT. Without new cadets COVER would not continue to be what it is today. Flight Commanders are the get between in the cadets for the squadron commander.

three or more. How do Airline flight Commanders affect cadets or maybe the overall Fils Program?

Flight Commanders are one of the primary influences a cadet may have. They will motivate military men to function and achieve their Billy Mitchell. Inside the same admiration a flight commander could also have a poor effect on cadets if they is certainly not doing the job properly the cadet and the Chain of Control suffers. 4. What command skills do Flight Commanders need most succeed?

Actually the leadership skill that...