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Mother Teresa: A Rebel For the Cause

So many people are helpful in their particular ways some help the environment by conserving paper and turning in the lights when they are not needed. Many are helpful to pets by helping out at dog shelters, making sure pets are not deposit for no use and organizing recycling or trash programs to wash up the creatures habitats. Finally, some are useful to people by simply donating funds or clothes to non profit organizations or going to poor places around the world to help rebuild those and the locations they are in. Mother Teresa is one of the types of people in order to others. As an inspiring and motivated woman, Mother Teresa was a civil rights innovator, started a number of charities all over the world, and pledged her lifestyle as chaste to help everybody.

Mother Teresa was a woman who influenced many persons, by assisting others in need. The lady was essential and powerfulk from the 1920's till your day she perished in 97. Mother Teresa placed a lot of charities in 123 countries of the world! Your woman went all around the world to help people in need. Your woman went to slums and nursed people back in health and maintained them. " On 21 years old December the lady went for the very first time to the slums. She visited families, washed the sores of several children, maintained an old gentleman lying sick and tired on the road and nursed a female dying of hunger and TB. ” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center). Mother Teresa as well had more than 4000 followers, or because she called them, sisters. She experienced inspired so many people, and her actions impressed so many people all over the world. " … the Missionaries of Charitable organization established their very own first property outside of India in the Venezuelan diocese of Barquisimeto, with the invitation of Bishop Benitez. Impressed by Mother Teresa's charity endeavors… wanted her to support the ‘poorest of the poor'… landless and largely illiterate descendants of African slaves… to toil in the copper mines... ” (Slavicek 57)

Mother Teresa pledged her life to become pure or chaste in order to help other folks. She announced...

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