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Pidgins and Creoles

Listed below are five areas into which the class discussion of pidgins and creoles will probably be divided. Strength Simplification

Explain what strength simplification of language is and for what reason it takes place during the process of pidginization.  Illustrate simplification of language at the phonological, morphological, syntactic, and lexical levels. Pidgins and Creoles differentiated


Compare Ferguson's and Stewart's definitions of pidgin and creole. � Use Hymes's criteria of inner form and external form to differentiate pidgins and creoles. Attitudes toward Pidgins and Creoles


Define what an attitude is usually and illustrate the concept by identifying behaviour toward pidgins and creoles.  Analyze the attitudes toward pidgins and creoles, figuring out the source from the prejudice which has been observed. Creole Origins as well as the Post-Creole Procession


List the phases of expansion from pidgin to creole identified by simply Mülhäusler.  List and establish the three vocabulary varieties used in a post-creole continuum. African-American Vernacular The english language (AAVE)


Define African-American Vernacular English, illustrating the definition with linguistic examples.  Explain some of the academics issues discussed with regard to AAVE. Report on attitudes toward AAVE that you have got witnessed, and analyze all those attitudes.

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2 . Creole • Creole is a Pidgin which has bought native speakers. • a language which has its origins in prolonged contact among two terminology communities, one among which is dominant. It incorporates features from each and constitutes the mother tongue of any community. three or more. Creoles will be of more interest than Pidgins through the social perspective I. One of the primary sources of advice about the origin and identity of its speakers. e. g. Descendants of African slaves in America to A similar curiosity is demonstrated by the people who speak varieties whose beginnings are in creole...