Advertising and Media Administration

 Advertising and Media Administration Essay



Issue you: Advertising trains consumers.

The attached advertisement is promoted by The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. The Hartford is one of the largest investment and insurance firms based in the United States, with office buildings in The japanese, Brazil, Ireland in europe, England, and the United States. It is just a leading company of expense products В– annuities, shared funds, insurance coverage, 401(K), and so forth The Hartford serves a lot of customers around the world. The fastened print advertisement is taken from the National Geographic mag (May, 06\ issue) which can be known as a leading global journal. By giving this ad from this global journal, the company can easily reach its global market place. The freedom of advertisers to create messages with the mass division of this sort of messages offered them incredible power to affect the thoughts and actions of contemporary society. Such electrical power and control can be used pertaining to the enhancement of culture or it can be easily abused, if utilized as a means to control or determine. One of the confident social facets of advertising is that advertising trains consumers. This social feature mainly targets the following items: В•Advertising is the most efficient and economic ways of providing buyers with effective information about the accessibility to products or services. В•Advertising is plainly a powerful tool for the elimination of ignorance. В•Advertising reduces search time in order that consumers can make informed item decisions. The attached consumer print ad is was executed to target seniors that are close to retirement and facing purchase and cash flow management challenges. The advertising focuses on retirement statistics and the importance of retirement planning. The first page in the ad uses the following dialect in a field in strong text format: " Only 1 in some people are incredibly confident they may have saved enough for retirement". The second page (which can be beside the 1st page) features the words: " Be the one". It follows:

" Put together to live the future the way you constantly saw this. With the most current investment products and solutions from The Hartford. Because you are not preparing to cease working you're getting ready to live. " Thus, the ad focuses on that The Hartford offers products and services that can help make a secure financial future. The visuals connect that " The Hartford can help give you confidence about tomorrow, so that you can really live for today. " Therefore, this advertising is a great endeavor to inform the targeted baby boomers to get started on proper financial and expense planning today so that they can conserve enough for their retirement. The ad displays one old man and one more mature woman who also seem to be confident about their old age. Many people are not aware of financial and investment planning opportunities. This kind of ad will create recognition among them. Some people are uninformed about their is not. This advertising can be viewed as a powerful attempt to help to make those ignorant people to plan for their upcoming. The advertisement is effectively designed to capture the sight of the targeted baby boomers around the globe. This advertising is focused upon providing the proper high quality investment and insurance products and solutions to assist the targeted baby boomers fulfill their needs and map out their particular plans for a secure financial future. The ad supplies the latest purchase products and solutions from the Hartford. Included in this are:

В•Mutual cash


В•Life Insurance


Clearly the ad is usually informative. The ad further more directs to check out their Website (hartfordinvestor. com). This allows consumers to master about all these products and solutions of Hartford in detail and much more. It appears that the advertisement focuses on the company's logo, " Prepare to Live. " This is aimed to have a symbol in the strength, balance and sincerity been featuring to the Hartford clients and policyholders over years. This gives the visitors of the ad to understand the actual Hartford exclusive and different than other financial...